I started taking photographs in high school during a short session photography class.  We learned the basics of SLR cameras and how to develop film and print images in the black and white darkroom.

Through college, medical school and postgraduate medical education there was little time for getting outside and taking pictures.  When our family was younger it seemed most of the photos were family snapshots. 

As time has passed we’ve been able to travel which reawakened the opportunity for getting outside and developing and interest in landscape and travel photography. 

Then, I learned how to scuba dive.  Once I had enough dive experience to feel comfortable underwater I began to take a camera with me to record the beauty that up until that point I could only share descriptively.  I started with simple film camera, adding strobe lighting and eventually stepping up the process by taking a digital SLR underwater.  Add to this the availability of post processing images on the computer I felt like I was back in  a “digital” darkroom.  I hope you enjoy what I have to share.

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Mosquito Borne Illness